Colour Next 2012 – Awakening

  • Colour Next 2012 – Awakening
  • Colour Next 2012 – Awakening
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About the Project

Awakening was the theme of one of the art installations at the Asian Paints Colour Next 2012 exhibition in which we were involved as industrial design consultants. The translation of the theme was done by Trapeze design. Our scope was to work out all the details of the concept and take it through till the actual installation. We worked with Aratrik Devvarman, a textile designer who actually treated the fabrics that were a central part of the art installation. The technique used on the fabric is called Devore or Fiber etching, here Fiber etching it is the process of removing cellulose fibers with a chemical medium to create a design on fabric.

Write up on Awakening at the Colour next exhibition :
There’s a little voice inside us that is ready to be heard. A murmur resonates across as we connect with thousands we may never meet. We are looking within for answers. surging forward, speaking up, reaffirming the power of the individual.
The story of awakening is inspired from that of our own as we shake off the comfort of the norm, plungng into the depth of our minds, treading the wilderness of our thoughts. The truth we seek is inside us, the change we desire will surge from within. It is the story of something astir within all of us as we look to open our mind’s eyes.



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