Corporate website for Ferroli Heating India

Ferroli entered an over-crowded Indian market in July 2014 with a range of water heaters. We helped them position their brand in the Indian market and created their entire brand identity, print collaterals, newspaper ads and designed their corporate website.

Gruppo Ferroli is an Italian business conglomerate that owns the Lamborghini brand, among other companies. Ferroli is also in the business of manufacturing water heaters. They entered the Indian market in July 2014.


The statement “Live.Smart” that came out of the Ferroli brand mapping and positioning strategy exercise is firmly focussed as a lifestyle positioning, not a product positioning. Our design direction for the Ferroli website was undeniably lifestyle oriented, and we took a strategic call to not showcase the products at the first go.

Design Approach

Since this was Ferroli’s first introduction into the Indian market, our strategy was to establish the brand value proposition firmly in the customer’s’ mind before revealing the product. Product technology was not our focus. Technology is incidental, the focus was more on what it can help us achieve; what it could make us do with our new-found time and newly acquired skills.

The website design uses storytelling “frames” to establish and communicate the lifestyle of Ferroli users. The products slowly reveal themselves as the user browses through the website, educating the users at appropriate moments on which product is best suited for their needs.

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Visual Design

The Website at Launch