Web application UX for IoT enabled monitoring of office consumables

A customer-facing platform we designed for Work Fridge, an IoT application that helps businesses boost their operational efficiency.

Work Fridge is an IoT solution that is capable of monitoring and reporting the consumption of office supplies. Driven by real time consumption, data analytics is built in to create dashboards on efficiencies, discrepancies and alerts for replenishment.


Today, the supply chain for office consumables (i.e stationery, toiletries, accessories) is unorganised and fragmented. In today’s technology driven world, offices are still plagued with inefficiencies in assessment and order management, accountability of usage and over or under stocking situations. The process of managing multiple vendors, follow-ups and managing the same, takes a lot of effort and time. Work Fridge aims to solve all of these issues with its 'fridge'. The Work Fridge is a physical cabinet with an RFID reader that is pre-loaded with inventory and is placed in office spaces. Each product (an item of stationery, for example) inside carries an RFID tag. Each time an employee opens the door to remove a ream of paper or a set of markers, the RFID reader on the door of the cabinet records it as a check-out, and the item is automatically billed to the company. These check outs are reported real time to the back-end servers which in turn would collate all the data resulting in consumption reports and dash boards. Twist Open was commissioned with the Brand positioning, Brand identity design and UX/UI design for the customer-facing portal that reports

Primary research

We had a brainstorming session with the business stakeholders which culminated in coming up with a high-level information architecture of the portal and highlighting the key features to be designed.

The brainstorming helped us identify and articulate the core objective of the product followed by specific problem areas the product needed to solve.

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Design direction

The web portal would mainly be used by purchase managers, corporate admins or HR managers who was responsible for inventory in an organisation; and the end-users (consumers) of that inventory.

We paid attention to the multiple user roles and role-based authentication. We met few end-users to understand their pain-points and needs. With this, we arrived at a design direction which was rooted in user empathy.

Initial wireframes exploring the IA

We validated the wireframes with our stakeholders and received useful insights. We did this process as many times and iterated our design to reflect the insights. Ultimately, the IA which was intuitive in nature and proved to be a simple interface for the-

-end-user without increasing their cognitive load. We made sure it stayed that way in all other sections of the application by showing only what was “needed”. The image collage below shows a sneak-peak of the wireframes.

The Visual Design of the web application takes cues from the physical product - the "fridge". We have used the polygon inspired style throughout to stay relevant. 

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Mobile friendliness