Devising a volunteering platform for India@75 Foundation

India@75 Foundation is an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for realizing the dream of an inclusive, sustainable and developed country, when India completes 75 years of its independence. India@75 seeks to bring together various stakeholders from industry, academia, community groups, governments and individuals to translate this vision into a reality.

India@75 created a National Volunteering Grid in 2012 to bridge the gap between the demands of the non-profit organizations & the supply of highly passionate individuals who are willing to offer their skills on a pro bono basis. The TATA group was entrusted with the mandate to promote and systematise Pro Bono volunteering across the country. The taskforce was headed by Cyrus Mistry & Dr. Mukund Rajan for a one year term.


Twist Open was onboarded for the design of the Pro Bono identity (skilled volunteering) as well as the UX and Interaction design of the volunteering platform.


We did the UX and Interaction design of the platform in collaboration with Infosys, they provided the coding and development expertise.

The Pro Bono platform has a complex task flow and intricate information architecture (IA).

Design Approach

The wireframes have interdependent workflows apart from sign up and login; they also have workflows where one can manage projects, track project status, review volunteers who have applied, rate the project and measure the monetary value of the project.

All of these have a front-end dashboard (what is visible to the user) as well as a back-end dashboard (for the system admin) where in-coming project categories need to be matched with volunteer skills.

Projects page wireframe is shown here.

Want to know how UX design can add value to your Non-profit organization?

We incessantly tried multiple versions of wireframes and interactions to arrive at the most intuitive workflow for every task. This shows the improved version of the Projects page.

We tested the extents of Liferay (Enterprise open-source portal collaboration software) with our architecture and navigation patterns.

Two beta versions down, we had nailed it.

Visual Design

The visual design inspirations for this project comes from the dandelion flower – which is in nature an inflorescence – a flower that made up of multiple seeds which can then become individual plants. So, to go good with the metaphor of NGOs working independently for change and growth, we took our visual cues from this flower and used it logically and aesthetically across the website.

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