Business Challenge

As a tech firm working with cutting edge technology, Reverie felt that there was a lack of understanding in how people perceived them.They wanted to define their vision and values consistently and frequently.

Reverie reached out to Twist Open UX to review and redesign their communication strategy for stakeholders in their ecosystem. This meant a complete overhaul for the organisation from a communication stand point, starting with their website working its way to collaterals such as sales presentations, product demos, documentation as well as candidate experiences and employee communication.

Design Intervention

UX & UI Design


During the primary research we interviewed the leadership team to understand their vision for Reverie. We backed that up with interviews with employees and clients to check if there was inconsistency in their understanding of Reverie. Our secondary research of competitors gave us a sense of how Reverie should position themselves. The entire communication strategy project can be divided into four phases: Groundwork, Analysis, Strategy and Design.

The gif highlights the ease at which the viewer can switch between Indian languages.
The gif highlights the ease at which the viewer can switch between Indian languages.


In the analysis phase we referred to our interviews with employees and clients and made a list of key areas that needed to be defined for Reverie: the business, products, association with technology and understanding their competition. The underlying patterns ( or lack thereof ) that emerged helped us define communication strategy options.

The gif highlights the ease at which the viewer can switch between Indian languages.
The image highlights the Indic challenge, strategically designed to act as an eye-opener for customers on the potential of localisation.


Based where Reverie was and where they wanted to see themselves in the future, we defined three communication strategies:

  1. Translation to Technology
    To move away from being known as a company that does translations to one that associates more strongly with technology; Reverie as building technology for India and making it accessible to every Indian.
  2. Language to Localisation
    From making language accessible, to reaching a wider audience by helping users engage more meaningfully by way localizing of language.
  3. Solutions to Products
    To shift the focus from a solutions provided to their propriety products automated by AI translations for scale.


Once they selected the route for their communication strategy we created the information architecture and further defined the visual language through four routes:

  1. Changing the reality and moving into the future through goodwill, business & technology.
  2. Behind the smiles of the proud, happy, empowered experiences of Reverie’s end users.
  3. Reverie in every moment of life, through products & policies that help in enabling access & creating experiences.
  4. Language makes us human, gives us identity. Reverie liberates & empowers Indians by making Indian languages accessible on the internet through technology.
The gif highlights the ease at which the viewer can switch between Indian languages.


Through the extremely extensive investigative process we were able to redefine Reverie through their communication strategy. We gave them an in-depth study of their business and brand positioning which has helped align them to different goals for products and as well as technology. We designed and developed a brand new website to bring together one cohesive brand that is Reverie.

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