Showcase and Fundraiser website for a non-profit

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT) is a non-profit organisation.

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT) is a non-profit that empowers communities to transform their lives through focused intervention in health, education, and community institution building.


We helped KHPT to get a fresh digital identity by designing a responsive and intuitive user interface to showcase their work and to raise funds.

Information Architecture

We had an interactive session with KHPT team to understand their needs and came up with the website architecture as shown here.

As an NGO which worked in multiple sectors they had tonnes of information to be put up online. This exercise made it possible how to logically classify the information under easily digestible groups.


Visual Design

The visual design reinforces KHPT’s belief that each individual has a right to equal opportunities. The circle is a very inclusive form, which creates a sense of belonging. The round table from the legend of King Arthuris a metaphor for equality and inclusiveness. They sat on a round table so that no one could claim higher status.

We have predominantly used the circle in our layouts to evoke the same emotions. Colour orange dominates the website. It is a colour of hope, joy and positivity which KHPT tries to enable in the lives of people.The visual language uses gradients to signify a range of mixed emotions while working in the social sector.

The Website at Launch

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