Social live race experiences for Formula 1 fans

Scoryboard F1 – a product of Pitch Invasion, is the outcome of our collaboration with PitchInvasion in extending the Scoryboard concept beyond cricket, into Formula 1 races.

Pitch Invasion is in the business of Sports. They create disruptive digital solutions that help events, teams, athletes, brands and media engage better with sports fans.


While staying true to live score reporting with flipping tiles like Scoryboard, we tried to break away from the square grid. The new grid had to be responsive to the mobile screen and called for certain uniformity.

Design Approach

We did an excercise in hashing out the grid according to the information needed to be communicated, and evolved a leaderboard panel on the left column. We created elements to differentiate between live and non-live races; designed tiles for individual and team ranking.

Our cues for the visual language were rooted in gleams of metal, carbon fiber and black reflecting materials.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We also included a splash image as a background for the dynamic tiles. A large, full page photo with translucent tiles and crisp white text proved a working solution. But we faced a challenge in choosing the ‘right’ images that would convey the passion that people have for the sport. The solution was almost obvious. We asked our users to contribute the images themselves. This instantly changed our users from consumers to contributors. They could now share their excitement and experiences with other enthusiasts.

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