UX strategy design for a leading South African bank

In 2015, our client identified the need to simplify and consolidate their approach to building software; and create consistent user experiences.

Our client is a leading integrated financial services group on the African continent. They have on-the-ground presence in 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The bank is a 150-year-old organisation and one of the “Big Four’’ banks in South Africa.


The bank partnered with Immersion UX Pty Ltd. to help build a strategy for platform convergence, who in turn partnered with Twist Open Innovations to deploy and execute the strategy. Twist Open devised an Enablement approach for the Retail as well as Small Enterprise Internet Banking businesses, that focused on high-value changes that could immediately support success.

UX Strategy

This involved deploying methods to:
– Improve Collaboration between teams at the bank
– Establish UX Standards that would ensure consistency across channels
– Improve existing UI Wireframing methods by introducing common tool-sets and skills training.
– Improve Empathy with the Customer through QA and usability testing

UX support

In addition to this, Twist Open also provided the bank with on-the-ground UX design support for six months, leading and guiding their internal design teams, and effectively overhauling the bank’s entire Internet Banking platform for Retail customers and Small enterprises. Apart from this massive task of architecting and designing Standard Bank’s large customer-facing platform, Twist Open also provided UX support to internal teams of Home loans, Credit cards and Vehicle finance.

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