Business Challenge

Supply chains are complex; throw in multiple stakeholders, processes and communication, you’ve got yourself, to put it mildly ‘a serious headache’. marketsN is here to clear that all up and make life simple for business owners. A Blockchain & AI based, cloud hosted solution, this record keeping technology helps businesses react faster to market signals, systematizes processes and facilitates smart management of the supply network.

Koinearth approached us with a need to create a robust website for their product - marketsN. The website had to generate enough interest for prospective businesses while communicating the product offering cogently.

Design Intervention

UX & UI Design

Visualizing a Complex Concept

Our first task was to immerse ourselves in understanding Blockchain Technology and its integration in the supply chain. What followed was creating the information architecture, content structure and wireframes. This was done so we could create a narrative that was quick to grasp and interesting for prospect business owners who would benefit from this product.

marketsN systematizes supply chain processes.
marketsN systematizes supply chain processes.

The Power of Illustration

Our insight lead us to the route of illustration; we developed a series of illustrations based on a circle-square grid derived from the marketsN logo. Both, the logo and the illustrations are a balance of soft curves and sharp angles to illustrate the idea of technology simplifying processes.

marketsN systematizes supply chain processes.
Detailed illustrations for the marketsN website brings to life the their role in decentralizing supply chains.

Maintaining a Consistent Visual Language

marketsN is a product of Koinearth, a company driven to bring the power of Blockchains, Machine Learning & Mechanism Design to solve real world problems in supply chains, sharing economies and public service delivery. It was crucial for us at Twist Open UX to maintain the visual language such that marketsN maintained its own identity while not looking completely separate from the parent company.

Targeting Specific Industries

The aim of the website is to showcase the marketsN product to target industries whose systems are most likely to benefit from adopting this product, such as: manufacturing, pharma, banking, logistics and energy. Industries often operate in silos, with no transparency in processes and marketsN is here to solve that problem.

marketsN systematizes supply chain processes.


What makes this website a success is the ease with which it communicates the integration of Blockchains with supply chains. One scroll is all it takes to demonstrate what marketsN can do for your industry. This inference is a result of our in-depth UX and UI processes that help us fulfil client needs efficiently.

Koinearth is a tech company looking to revolutionize the future of businesses and communities through their proprietary Blockchain Solutions.