Brand Identity for Ferroli

  • Brand Identity for Ferroli
  • Brand Identity for Ferroli
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About the Project

Gruppo Ferroli is a six decade year old European multi-national giant of domestic and industrial heating, air-conditioning and water heating. In 2014, Ferroli was looking to enter the Indian water-heater market where other players already held a large market share. We worked in collaboration with Vibrandt, Bangalore, who laid out the brand strategy and competitor landscape; and presented the brand positioning statement as “Live Smart”

The statement “Live.Smart”that came out of the Ferroli brand mapping and positioning strategy exercise is firmly focussed as a lifestyle positioning, not a product positioning. Our design direction for the Ferroli website was undeniably lifestyle oriented, and we took a strategic call to not showcase the products at the first go.

Since this was Ferroli’s first introduction into the Indian market, our strategy was to establish the brand value proposition firmly in the customers mind before revealing the product. Product technology was not our focus. Technology was incidental, the focus was more on what it can help us achieve; what it could make us do with our new-found time and newly acquired skills.

To develop the visual language and identity for the brand, we studied networks of connectors and terminals,  bar patterns on spectrograms, and grids of QR codes. QR codes have the potential to enrich product experience and offer the customer real value. We developed Ferroli’s signature pattern inspired by QR codes, and extended it to create its entire brand language.




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Visual Brand Identity , Web Development
Web Design , Web Development
Visual Brand Identity
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