Brand Identity for Fire Chem

  • Brand Identity for Fire Chem
  • Brand Identity for Fire Chem
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About the Project

Fire Safety Devices Pvt. Ltd. started off as fire fighting system maintenance contractors in 1978. They slowly grew to become manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Fire Fighting chemicals, and thus launched their brand Fire Chem in 1999.

Over the past 17 years, Fire Chem expanded its product portfolio and developed multiple brand extensions, thus resulting in mixed visual styles and inconsistency in brand language.

Twist Open helped Fire Chem consolidate its multiple brand associations into a single unified language that speaks synchronously.

Fire Chem’s new identity has an inherent connect with the ethos of the brand, that of stability, reliability and growth. The pyramid has been an important symbol since the ancient times across several cultures. Early alchemists devised the symbol of fire as an upward pointing triangle. In Vastu Shastra, the pyramid symbolises a powerful energy nucleus.

The word Pyramid is made from combination of PYRA & MID. PYRA comes from the Greek word PIROS that means fire, while MID means the central point. It is a widely known metaphor for upward mobility, forward motion and growth. The Egyptian pyramids have stood the test of time because of their stable structure.

The brand identity for Fire Chem embodies this rock solid stability and evokes a sense of trust and a promise to protect.




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