Colour Next 2012 – Headrush

  • Colour Next 2012 – Headrush
  • Colour Next 2012 – Headrush
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About the Project

Headrush, was the theme of this art installation at the Asian Paints Colour Next 2012 exhibition where we played the role of Industrial design consultants. The translation of the theme was done by Trapeze design. We were responsible for the detailing and the execution of this installation. One of the most challenging art installation we have been responsible for, everything from the geometry to the assembly needed to be carefully resolved. As is visible we used large amounts of polyester yarn that was woven around the custom designed structure. Aratrik Devvarman, a textile designer and his team was responsible for all the inputs we needed around the actual weaving.

Write-up on Headrush:
Between shifting landscapes and fragmented reality, lies a heady thrill of the unexplored. The headrush theme is all about breakng the mould, and playing life by your own rules. The basis lies in the simple belief that the biggest risk is not taking one at all.

It’s not for the applause, bouquets or the brickbats. It’s not about standing out. It’s not about showing the world you can. It’s the only way you know. Headrush is all about acting on instinct, seizing the impluse; pushing the limits, choosing the unexplored. It isn’t easy. But nothing incredible ever is.



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