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About the Project

The CORE Project funded by INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking, founded by George Soros) started with a vision to develop and pilot both new content and new ways of teaching. By leveraging new learning technologies and creating a fully digital open-source curriculum, The CORE Project aimed to create a flexible suite of open-access resources would allow educators around the world to contextualise and deliver their own new curriculum at minimal cost, empowering their students to engage with the economic challenges facing their own nations and communities.

Twist Open was engaged in the project for User Experience design and Interaction Design support in creating pilots for this digital curriculum.  The videos below show a glimpse of the interactive content we developed for the pilots.

Three pilot units that we developed with authors from the CORE team, were showcased to the world in November 2013, at a launch at HM Treasury in London. The event attracted academics, professional economists, the press and economics students. Realising the potential and the game-changing effect of this worldwide initiative, 22 contributors joined hands to write the first book, and the project successfully acquired additional funding.

This meant we were all geared up for phase two, which was the creating of creating the CORE curriculum for launch in September 2014. Read about phase two here.




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Visual Brand Identity , Web Development
Web Design , Web Development
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