Retail Display for Amazon Kindle

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About the Project

When Amazon Kindle approached us, their sales were predominantly happening via and they did not have a strong presence in traditional brick and mortal Electronics retail stores. They wanted to create an in-store customer experience in the form of branded environments which would be an ecosystem of fixtures, messaging, sales staff whose sales pitch has been designed, and take-away collaterals. The objective was to increase the time spent by the customer at the Kindle display and rouse curiosity about the product which would convert customers.

We started out by looking for metaphors to tell the story of the Kindle; Parallel planes representing an assortment of stories carried inside the Kindle, or representing periods of time in the years gone by when the customer was touched by something he read. We explored the idea of the Kindle bookshelf being an intimate physical representation of a person’s accomplishments, aspirations, associations, personal development, guilty pleasures, escapes, memories and interests; developing the message ‘What does your Kindle say about you?’

We steered the project along a different course along the way, focusing hard on the value proposition of the product. Realised we were spending effort on “framing” the product, but what was more important was creating awareness about the product category itself. E-Readers are not a well understood category in the Indian market. Communicating the product’s benefits, features and functionality was more important than setting a ‘frame’.

We made a conscious decision not to position the Kindle as competition to books, but be seen as an extension to them. The messaging we developed did not ask book lovers (the target market segment) to replace their books; but look at the Kindle as a technologically advanced book. The entire communication strategy was developed on these lines.

Parallely, the product display was designed as an oversized book that emulates the reading experience in-store. Our aim was to create a sharp visual distinction from other tablets on display by defining the product category at the first glance. The pages of the oversized book are designed to communicate the values that the product adds to the customer, as well as product specs, features and benefits. Flipping through pages of the oversized display-book is reminiscent of browsing in bookstores, a treat for book lovers. It results in customers spending more time at the Kindle display, increasing the odds of conversion.

These Kindle display units can be seen at multi-brand electronics stores such as Croma, eZone and Reliance Digital; and smaller regional organised retail stores.




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