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About the Project

During mid-2013, Twist Open had teamed up with The CORE Project, based at the University of Oxford, to create three pilot units as part of a grand vision to reform economics curriculum being taught to undergraduate students worldwide. The objective of the pilots was to demonstrate the potential of the project to funders. Our eventual goal was to create full-length interactive textbooks for undergraduate Economics that would be viewable in browsers and on mobile (touch and non-touch) devices. These would be licenced as Open Educational Resources that other educators could re-use and modify as they wish to, without any charges.

Three pilot units that we developed with authors from the CORE team, were showcased to the world in November 2013, at a launch at HM Treasury in London. The event attracted academics, professional economists, the press and, economics students. Realising the potential and the game-changing effect of this worldwide initiative, 22 contributers joined hands to write the first book, and the project successfully acquired additional funding.

Since then for the past seven months, a team of economists, editors, publishing consultants, film makers and Twist Open’s UX designers have been tirelessly working towards the creation of the first textbook, ‘The Economy’, which forms a part of the new Introductory Economics curriculum. See the team here.

This was Twist Open’s debut in the eBook domain; the learning and exposure has been immense which has been elaborated in our blog.


On 5th September 2014, we celebrated the Beta launch of the first part of our book, ‘The Economy’; which forms a new curriculum for Introductory Economics for undergraduate students, being tested this year at universities in London, Sydney, Paris, Budapest and Bangalore. The second part of the book is still underway and is slated for release in February 2015.



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