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About the Project

Twist Open has designed the core-econ website as an access point to the fully digital open-access curriculum on Inkling.


We have provided UX and Interaction design support in the creation of the curriculum, working very closely with authors, economists, editors, publishing consultants and film makers. The project aims to radically transform the teaching of the core economics curriculum at undergraduate level and to bring better economic understanding to a wider audience.

The core-econ website is designed to be a promotional platform for the grand vision of The CORE Project, accredit the contributors and project team members, showcase its media publicity,and share expected outcomes of each lesson (unit) of the curriculum.Students, faculty and economics enthusiasts alike can enter the eBook only through the core-econ website.



Web Design , Visual Brand Identity , Web Development
Visual Brand Identity , Web Development
Web Design , Web Development
Visual Brand Identity
Visual Brand Identity , Web DevelopmentWeb Design , Web DevelopmentVisual Brand Identity

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