UX Design for Scoryboard F1

  • UX Design for Scoryboard F1
  • UX Design for Scoryboard F1
  • UX Design for Scoryboard F1
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About the Project

Scoryboard F1 was an outcome of extending the concept of Scoryboard beyond cricket. While staying true to live score reporting with flipping tiles, we tried to break away from the square grid. The new grid had to be responsive to the mobile screen and called for certain uniformity. We did an exercise in hashing out the grid according to the information needed to be communicated, and evolved a leaderboard panel on the left column. We created elements to differentiate between live and non-live races; designed tiles for individual ranking as well as team ranking.

Our cues for the visual language were rooted in gleams of metal, carbon fiber and black reflecting materials. Other aspects included the ability to see what had happened in the past, see the highlights of previous races. The central tile was designed so that users could scroll back and catch up with events in the race so far. Many more interactive versions of tiles were added as well as integrated with social media. Red Bull was interested in incorporating our Scoryboard F1 product on their site, so we custom designed the theme to match the visual language on their site.

See the original Scoryboard for F1

See the Scoryboard F1 designed for Red Bull 



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